Not A Bunch Of Hot Air

Yesterday was a doozy.  I think my skull is turning into a slow cooker – I start out real smart in the morning but I’m total goop by 5:30pm.  But I received some good news which my day better.  Much better.

Back in September, Mrs. Rev and I hit up the Bluegrass Balloon Festival in hopes of getting some good photographs.  And we did.  And I wrote about it here.  Mrs. Rev had mentioned that BBF was holding a photo contest.  I figured why not submit a couple photos.  So I did.

This one.

Bluegrass Balloon Glow

And this one.

Bluegrass Balloon Glow

Well slap me silly and call me Sally – both of my entries made it to the top six and are now finalists.  I think this is so cool.  I mean, I could win $100 worth of groceries.  Who wouldn’t want a $100 worth a groceries?  Everyone’s gotta eat!

Now I have to be honest with ya – I don’t like the voting system.  I think it’s lame.  You have to become a “fan” of Bluegrass Balloon Festival on Facebook (you can do that here) and then you have to “like” the photo(s) you admire most (and you can do that here and here).  If you have even just a little sliver of love in your heart for shutterboo, take a hint and “like” something.

Winners are to be announced November 30th – that’s only what, 13 days away?  Right around the corner.  And gives me plenty of days to check in to Facebook numerous times to see if I’m “liked” more than these other suckers.


~ by shutterboo on November 17, 2009.

8 Responses to “Not A Bunch Of Hot Air”

  1. Even if I didn’t know you shutterboo friend I would have still chosen your photos. And the one that’s winning right now is NOT better. All I ask (now that I’ll be forever receiving BBF updates) is that you feed me something if you win. I’ll even cook it for you — provided the baby ever allows me to cook again. Mel is the amazing baker, but I have the market cornered on savory.

  2. awesome pics

  3. You know that I barely ever get on Facebook, but I made a point to log in and vote for these. They’re gorgeous!

  4. You always got my vot friend!

  5. DONE AND DONE! and as of right now it looks like you’re winning! yeah brooke!

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