If I Only Had My Way

The nice thing about venturing outside of the county is the landscape.  That wedding I mentioned yesterday?  Just outside of the county.  And since it was a beautiful day, I walked the grounds.  Granted, the grounds are about the size of  my own yard, but the properties nearby kept me busy for awhile.

I’ve heard it said that “keeping it simple” can be some of the best work you have.  It don’t get much simpler than an old fence.  But I like it.

Prospect, Ky

The farm across the street had a HUGE tree.  All by its lonesome.  With only hay bales to keep it company.  I’ve got to remember to come back here in the spring and get the same shot with the tree full of leaves.  Adding that to the to do list.

Prospect, Ky

I crossed the street.  I really wanted to go in the gate.  But I feared Farmer Bob would show up with his Mossberg and escort me off his property.  Or I’d step my pretty little shoe into a cow pie.  I believe the latter is more probable.

Prospect, Ky

If there was a way for me to explore in places like this, I would.  But I don’t know very many people who have farms.  Or very many strangers that would let me do as I please on their big lawns.  But it would be fun.  I’d get my hands dirty for this.


~ by shutterboo on November 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “If I Only Had My Way”

  1. That fence is brilliant. You’re totally right. Simple is best. Well done!

  2. This pic is consider a lead in, however it needs something for the eye to fix onto.

    Little red bird, broken down horse or maybe a drunk hub hanging on to the end of the fence

    It also needed a little more contrast in which the texture of the wood, would come out, also a lead in needs as much depth as you can give it.

  3. That fence is haunting. Well done.

  4. I miss my home in Georgia a lot (especially on cold Kentucky rainy days such as today) but I think Kentucky is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Just the simplicity of the rural areas. The only thing that could have been more fitting would be horses at the end of that fence. Or a guy drinking bourbon.

    • Funny thing: I have another shot with a horse at the end of it. But it isn’t good. Actually, it sucks. The horse stood there for 10 seconds while I lined up the shot, one take and then he walked away. Hater.

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