Week 12: Zipper

There are so many things that can be left to the imagination when working with a subject like zipper.  So many.  And so far, the challengers have kept it tame.  So tame.  Well, I’m not tame.  I went there.  Yes, yes I did.  You don’t have to ask, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Yes, internet, I’m sexing up shutterboo.

Here is my zipper:

Week 12: Zipper

It pays to have good friends.  It pays to have good friends that aren’t modest.  It really pays to have good friends that can be bribed with beer and Rock Band.  Oh yes, it pays big time.  Because this photo is H-O-T: HOT! So HOT! in fact, I’m still dumbfounded that I took it.  But I love it.

This is the most fun I’ve had to taking a photo for the challenge.  There was only one focus (the zipper, you fool) but so many different ways to shoot it.  At one point, I was lying on my back between my friend’s legs.  But it was so much fun and even though we were giggling through the whole thing, I knew 3 shots in that this would work.  The white balance didn’t work but that’s what post-processing is for.  Success.

Thank you, friend, for being an absolutely great model!  I hope you had fun too.  And yes, gentlemen, she is single.  But that’s all you’re gonna get out of me because I don’t shoot and tell.

Next week’s challenge is “water.”  I’m hoping to have a stroke of genius because I’m coming up empty on ideas right now.  Don’t forget to check out the flickr pool’s photos or click on the challenger roll to see everyone else’s photos.


~ by shutterboo on November 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “Week 12: Zipper”

  1. I think my work email just logged this as porn. 😉

  2. Damn. That IS hot!

  3. so, you are not gonna share who it is?

  4. What a fun shot! I loved the story that went with it too!

    BTW, I’m sorry if I’m comment-spamming, but I love your photography 🙂

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