What Is It About Cell Phones?

Cell phones are becoming the smallest information hubs available – they do so much more than place a call.  Text.  Picture mail.  E-mail.  Surf the interweb.  All from the palm of your hand.  And to think, 20 some odd years ago these little doodads never existed.  You had to be plugged into a wall and actually dial buttons.  And before that, it took forever to make a call because of the huge number rotary.

I find it amazing that an invention, especially things like the iPhone, have been around for less than 5 years and people act like they could never live without it.  You’d rather die than be without your 2×3 contraption of metal and plastic.  Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes.


What I find even more amazing is that you go somewhere to socialize with real live people and there’s always a few strays that are more interested in the person on the virtual, wireless end of that communicator.  Really?  You need to get out more.


I will say that my friends were not ignoring one another to play on their internet-laced mobile devices – our friends are way too interesting and cool to do that to.  But the instant an unanswerable question comes up, we’ve got hand-held-insta-Google.  I wonder how much stock Britannica has lost.  Do you young ones even know what Britannica is?


I know that many people use these mini-computers to store media like music and photographs.  And to share them with friends when they visit.  I do enjoy seeing photos of my friends’ children and places they’ve visited and inappropriately dressed people they saw at Wal-Mart.


I too like to have my phone handy.  I worry that the day I don’t have it is the day I’ll get into a wreck or the hubs will have an emergency and won’t be able to reach me.  But I still have wallet-size photos of my nieces and nephew.  I still listen to the radio and CDs in the car.  And I usually get my interweb fix on a PC.  I sport my iTouch occasionally but to be honest, it makes my hand cramp up.  I don’t think I’m cut out to be high-tech.  Except for my dSLR – I love that thing.


~ by shutterboo on November 10, 2009.

One Response to “What Is It About Cell Phones?”

  1. my personal favorite is when a couple is out to dinner and both people are playing on their iphones.

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