Photo Challenge Spotlights: Candy

First, a quick shout of appreciation – Thank you Ashleigh from work for nabbing Charlie’s jumper cables and jumping my car.  I made it home safely and I now have a brand new battery.  But that didn’t keep me from panicking the entire 8.74 miles home.  But seriously, thank you!!!

On to business.  I was disappointed with my candy photo.  It’s fine really but I think it’s bland.  I wanted bright colors.  I wanted fun shapes.  I wanted to be clever.  Zip.  Zero.  None.  But the challengers had some lovely photos so I’m spotlighting them all here [that I could grab from flickr].

From dbswllm: Clever.  Sugar + Water + Heat = Candy.  I hate it when people are cleverer than I am.  Arg.


From Eggatha: Showing off her skills with her new kickass dSLR!  PS-I want that Snickers.  Now.  And I don’t mean five minutes from now.


From Mrs. Rev: Stop it.  Just stop it.  This is the color I wanted.  Boo MR, boo.

Week 11 - Candy

From Mel: “Eye Candy”.  So witty.  And after she slips these bad dogs on she’ll be 5’2″ tall.  She’s a little person… with long-ish legs.  But I heart my Mel!

Eye Candy

From MileMarkerZero: I love puppies.  But how is this candy?  Because he’s a “chocolate” lab.  Damn clever people.


From Amanda: What are they and are there more?  The nom-ness factor of this blog has increased immensely.

Week 11: Candy

From AmyHasBangs: Quiero el azul, por favor. More awesome color!  *jealously flowing through my veins*

Candy - suckas

From Katie: Another doggin!  Only this one is a thief.  I’d say ge’s ninja doggin but ninja’s don’t get caught.  And he doesn’t have a mask.

week 11 candy

Terrorita has great picture with gum drops and little pirate flags sticking out of them.  But I could not grab it.  Just another reason for you to actually go to the flickr pool.  Mah-velous, simply mah-velous.  So with 11 weeks down that means we only have 41 to go!  Trust me, time flies when you’re having fun. 


~ by shutterboo on November 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Photo Challenge Spotlights: Candy”

  1. Personally, I think yours is pretty cool. My favorite part of your photo is “Thank You”. Loves it. And yeap, 41 more to go. It’s exciting to think of what’s ahead!!

  2. I decided I needed a creative challenge so I am joining up. I posted my picture in the flickr pool for this week (a bit late). I hope I find some inspiration for “zipper” by this Weds! Thanks for hosting the challenge!

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