It’s Official

I’m losing my mind.  I knew this day would come eventually but not this soon, not at my age.  But I have been a complete weirdo this week.  I blame it on stress and the most recent culprit, lack of sleep.  To put this more in perspective for you, here are some of the things I accomplished this week (if you can call it that):

  • I forgot my lunch today.  Not a big deal.  But I take my lunch to work everyday – I do not forget my lunch.  Well I did.  On the counter, on the table, I have no idea.  But I do know that Chase dined on my lovely leftover pork chop sandwich.  Bitch.
  • I left my phone in the car.  Not a big deal.  But I get paranoid with out the darn thing and trekked my butt all the way back to the parking garage to retrieve it.  And then had a strange conversation with the new little security guard.  It was almost as strange as that day we saw a deer leg in a parking spot.  Almost.
  • I put leave-in conditioner on my face instead of in my hair.  I quickly panicked after I did this because my face is known to break out after having alien products applied to it.  So I washed my face like crazy.  But I still had the sweet smell of hair product all day.
  • I just deleted a post.  I have no idea why I pressed “trash” but I did.  So if you see “Week 10” pop up your feeder again, it’s because I’m a numskull.
  • I had a minor spaz attack at Jimmy Johns.  Who knew they could fit that many people in such a small space.  And be able to hide the cup lids so well.  PodMate, I don’t know what I’d do without you.
  • I went to our shared, public restroom at work in house slippers.  Yes, I occasionally wear house slippers at work.  I sit at a desk all day, no one sees my feet.  But everyone did today, including the custodian.
  • I slept fully clothed last night.  I’m talking blue jeans, hoody, the works.  I thought I’d relax for a bit.  At some point I passed out and managed to weasel myself under the covers.
  • And I ate cake for dinner last night.  OK, that’s not that weird but still, I had absolutely no desire to make a ham sandwich or warm up that pork chop sandwich that Chase wolfed down today.  Boo.

Keep me away from sharp objects.  I can totally see myself losing a thumb or something.  All I know is I need this weekend.  I need tomorrow night’s festivities that include cervezas, I need to sleep in on Saturday and I need to finally go see my new Target.  And maybe more cake. 



~ by shutterboo on October 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “It’s Official”

  1. Natalie – if you’re reading this, that cake was awesome. And I ate every morsel of it. I was nice and offered some to Mike but he politely declined while I was shoveling it in. Thanks friend!

  2. Oh, friend….you are in need of something! A hug perhaps? A night with your Mel? I do say that it made me laugh and I could see you doing each of these things 🙂 I hope your day today is better!

  3. oh holy wow! you need a vacation sweets.

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