The Knitting Knook

My mom is a knitter.  Just in the past couple years she’s managed to knit 2 purses, 3 scarves, 6 baby bibs, 25 baby blankets, 46 pairs of house shoes and 57 dish cloths.  OK, I really don’t know how much she’s knitted but I know it’s a lot.  She took to knitting quickly and her finished products always look great.  Especially the uber-soft, uber-warm scarf she crafted for me.  Love that thing.

Every Thursday night is “knitting night”.  My mom, along with other ladies, head over to a friend’s house to knit together and catch up on the latest gossip of Grey’s Anatomy.  I still think it’s funny my mom knows who Katherine Heigl is.  This friend is named Bev.  Bev’s the expert, the teacher, the hoot of the group.  And since Bev lives a hop, a skip and a stone’s throw from my house, I occasionally go and hang out.  I took the camera this last time.

Bev Knitting

I know this contraption looks completely confusing but I’ll tell you it’s a sock.  A very big sock.  I don’t know how she does it.  Bev can knit her heart out while watching TV and sharing her profound wisdom with me.  On this particular evening, between the life-lessons, I heard a little word slip because she missed a stitch.  “What?!  I messed up!”

Bev Knitting

One of these days I’m going to join them and actually learn how to knit.  Or as Bev says it, “click needles”.  I enjoy crafting but knitting and sewing kind of scare me.  I have no reason why other than I’m afraid I wouldn’t like the finished product after I spent all of that time making something to wear, even if it’s just a blanket.  And sewing has sharp needles and machines, the better to injure you with.  Yep, better start with knitting needles.

Bev Knitting

These are magic hands, my friends.  Bev has a stock room (more like a cabinet, but whatevs) filled with the treasures she’s made and intends to share with family and friends for the holidays.  Different pieces, different colors, different patterns, different feels… I just need to start clicking my own damn needles.


~ by shutterboo on October 27, 2009.

10 Responses to “The Knitting Knook”

  1. first, you knit because it is neat
    second, you try sewing.
    next thing you know you are wanting babies to appease the nesting syndrome.

    don’t do it boo, the folks are trying to trick you into giving them grandbabbies.

  2. holy crap. can you please teach me how to take photos like this? i’m in desperate need of a photography tutor.

  3. Hi! Mrs. Rev’s sister-in-law here. I started knitting … maybe 7 years ago? It’s been awhile. Anyway, I took it up as a hobby that would relax me, instead of making me all super concerned about the finished product (hello, scrapbooking). For a long time, I only made scarves and just learned the simplest stitch. Once my friends started having babies, I finally took the plunge into making baby blankets and learning the second stitch. And that’s where I’m at today.

    My point is, just start! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be complicated. My first scarf was a mess, but I still love it and wear it because I like the colors and that I made it. And no one else notices the imperfections but you!

    And, for the record, I made it through many years of knitting before I got pregnant. So don’t let that scare you off 😉

  4. You definately need to give knitting a try! I adore “clicking needles.” That made me laugh. Half the time what I make doesn’t live up to my expectations, but I usually don’t even mind. It’s just fun!

  5. You know how I feel about the whole knitting thing. 🙂 I hope my hands are still clicking the needles when I get to be Bev’s age!

  6. […] six weeks ago.  My Mom got me started, fixed my mistakes and helped finish her up.  And so did Bev’s magic hands.  I know how to bind off now.  I have absolutely no idea how to cast on.  Which is why I […]

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