Houston, We Have A Problem

I usually don’t rant on the blog.  There’s no reason to really, it’s my happy place.  But friends, today is different.

Let me start by saying if I have one more sales rep call or e-mail to tell me I need to double or add a zero on the back on my rates, I might just throw up.  Seriously.  I think we can classify this as extortion.

Why can’t Dodge and AT&T go pick on another market?  Why Houston?  I’ll tell you why.  Because they are effing retailers that now have all the money in the world to spend on marketing and are hellbent on making things hard for everyone else.

Oh, and because trucks are probably really popular in Texas and that’s what Dodge manufactures.  It’s really the only vehicle that let’s a cowboy hat sit nicely – you’ve got all that head room.

I don’t know what alibi AT&T has.  I think they need to send out those door-to-door sales people that knock on my door every week and GET OFF THE TELEVISION!  Bane of my existence.  And THAT is why I won’t change to your cable.

OK.  I’ll deal with this tomorrow.  There is no point in fretting over it my last 20 minutes at work, right?  And besides, I’m hellbent on making these stations sweat to see whether or not I bite.  Because guess what?  I might not.  Mu-wah-hahahaha!


~ by shutterboo on October 15, 2009.

One Response to “Houston, We Have A Problem”

  1. crap, I thought I left a comment already. okay, yeap, it’s bad. really bad. and if it makes you feel any better, we’re all feeling it. i’m feeling it in miami, west palm, and every other tiny little market i rep. trust me, we feel your pain. none of our stuff is running either.
    now no more shop talk here. this is sacred ground here lady.
    you’ve been warned. 🙂

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