Four-Petaled Flowers

I just can’t stay away.  I think it’s because I know things won’t be green for much longer.  Every time I see a bloom, a bud, a poor little petal hanging on for dear life, I take a picture of it.  I can’t help myself.  And I’m sorry that you’re looking at more flowers, I really am.

OK, you got me, I lied, I’m not sorry at all.  I love these flowers and I know exactly what they are: Hydrangea.


Big globes of four-petaled flowers.  Delicate but still sturdy.  Colorful but not overwhelming.  Very structural.  Very pretty.


Almost all the flowers are shriveled up at Waterfront Park.  Except for these.  Aren’t they great?  I walked all around the planter, up and down on the concrete wall, trying different angles.  Shooting up, shooting down, shooting straight on…


Do you do you that?  Try different angles with flowers?  Maybe we should have a conversation about that, huh?  It’s really hard to see that with “globes” of flowers, though.  What’s your schedule look like for tomorrow?  I’ll tell you up front you’ll look stupid doing it.  But it’s worth it once you see them on your computer.  Or better yet, printed.


This Hydrangea almost look like little butterflies all clustered together.  I half expect the whole globe of flowers to pick up and take flight.  I can probably thank Walt Disney for the imagery.


Speaking of wings, there’s a fly.  That green and orange speck.  I thought he was kind of cool.  He didn’t move though; he’s probably dead.  That’s sad.  At least he didn’t meet the fate of eMohn’s electric fly swatter [which is actually very cool].


You know what the best thing is about these photos?  They are SOOC – straight out of camera.  Absolutely zero post-processing.  I don’t know how I managed to keep myself out of Photoshop but I did.  The natural light was playing nice this day and the flowers did the rest of the work.  I think I might print and frame some.  Then I can have flowers all year round.


~ by shutterboo on October 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Four-Petaled Flowers”

  1. Today Duncan and I drove through Cave Hill Cemetary. It was so beautiful with all the sculptures and big mature trees in fall foliage. You should go there for a white marble tombstone/sculpture picture! I need a camera, darn it!

    • I haven’t been in Cave Hill Cemetery in years. We should do a walk about. I bet it’s prettier with fall foliage.
      Q: Why didn’t you have a camera?? I take my point-and-shoot everywhere with me!!

  2. Out of batteries….

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