These Boots Were Made For…

Yeah, yeah, I know that song is totally overused but the only other one that comes to mind is Boot Scootin’ Boogie.  And it is too early in the morning to even to think about line dancing music.  Yick.

I’m still sorting through my family photos from two weekends ago.  I took that many photos and I am really really tired.  So tired that I don’t even want to sit in front of the computer to look at the kiddos’ smiling faces.  Sad, huh?  I think all of my mental worries are finally catching up with me physically.  Which is why I did nada yesterday and it was glorious.  But Monday has come too soon.  Boo Monday, boo.

Back to the boots.  My oldest niece, the angry one, wears cowgirl boots.  I think this magnificent.  Mostly because when I was 14 there was no way on this green earth I’d wear cowgirl boots and not think the entire universe was laughing at me.  I was very self-conscience and needed [insert whatever in the hell was popular in 1996].  I was already an uber-dork and had worn uber-dorky glasses for half of my life, shoes mattered.  Why?  I have no idea now [as I sit at my desk wearing my cute little brown and blue moccasins].  But the angry one sports her boots.  And she makes it look good.

Boot Yah

She wore these bad dogs all day and we went for a LONG walk through their little home town.  Her boots kept shuffling along.  As did the little elf that wanted no part of her stroller.  Her two little two year old legs kept on trucking.  And she didn’t even take a nap afterwards.  She laughs in the face of naps.  I, on the other hand, was ready to pass out, especially after I ate some dinner.  I’m getting old.

Boots boots boots.  I wonder what I would look like in cowgirl boots?  Then I could be all cowgirl/indian girl and swap out my boots for my moccasins and it would be like wild wild west peace on my feet.  Right?


~ by shutterboo on October 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “These Boots Were Made For…”

  1. I recommend Ariat. It may be blasphemy to recommend boots made in china (designed in US?) but most major brands have moved a significant amount of production into china and Ariats are damned comfortable for the price. I like my pair almost look like the ones pictured.

  2. I love *everything* about this picture. Fantastic.

  3. UPDATE: Said niece had this to say about her boots: oh my gosh i love this pic♥(:
    This aunt is riding the cool bus, kids.

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