The Green Thumb In The Family

I have a headache THIS BIG so I’m keeping this short and sweet.  Well, maybe.  By the way, being a grown up with a job sucks.  Take me back to 2000, por favor.

I spent my entire Sunday with Big Bro’s family.  I love his family, every one of them, even the angry one.  It was only me and my brother growing up and I love seeing how his kids, ages 14 down to 2, get along and love one another.  Or fight.  That’s pretty fun to see too.  What a deterrent.

Bro’s wife is an amazing woman – not only can she corral their monkeys and clown on DAd, but she’s an awesome cook and is quite the gardener.  I think she’s the only one of us that has a green thumb.  I try.  And I fail.  Repeatedly.  But not the sister-in-law – she still had several blooms around the yard.  And you know how I like to photograph flowers.

I especially liked these.  I think she said they are cone flowers.  I heart them.  A lot.  I want some now.  Maybe if I get enough weeds out of the flower beds this fall, they’ll be nice and clear to plant some cone flowers of my own in the spring.  I said maybe.

Tammy's Flowers

Several of these flowers were in bloom.  So soft and pretty.  Love the little bud hanging out in the back.  Roses?  Are these roses?  I am terrible at identifying Plantae.

Tammy's Flowers

The funny thing about this shot is my big bro was commenting on the witch hanging in the window.  I don’t see a witch.  All I see is the sky reflecting on the window.  And it is so cool against that itty bitty bloom.  Love it.

Tammy's Flowers

I’m a complete Photoshop junkie.  Contrast and saturation are my friends.  Gave them a little boost on PS and BOOM! look at that color!  I really really like these flowers.  Sister-in-law, I may be bugging you come April to help me remember what they’re called.

Tammy's Flowers


~ by shutterboo on October 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Green Thumb In The Family”

  1. Coneflowers are easy. I think even a brown thumb could do it. The second picture appears to be a gardenia–it’s hard to tell without smelling it or seeing the leaves in more detail– but that’s my educated guess. It could also be a rose (but I don’t know because once they open up that large, roses usually get droopy and brown at the edges)

    • Well I didn’t put my face in it so I don’t know how it smells. There were thorns on the VERY LONG stems. It’s pretty no matter what it is.

      • Well then it sounds like a rose. But if you wanted a pretty flower like that you could plant a gardenia.

  2. Coneflowers are super easy AND they come back! We have a couple and they were huge this year!

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