No Pajama Party Today

*sigh*  No pajama party today.  Breaking out of the box of my normalness.  Only a few confessions.

1.  I can’t believe I’m already awake and drinking coffee.  It is Sunday.  I do not do this on Sundays.  At least not this early.

2.  I’m only slightly disappointed that I will not be wearing my pajamas all day.  Well, I guess I could but I might get the stink eye from strangers.

3.  I hate driving long distances.  Today, I’m driving a long distance.

4.  I love my Mom and she made Buckeye candy and that’s why I’m spending the day with her.

5.  I love my Big Brother and his family and that’s why I’m driving a long distance with Mom.

6.  The hug that’s at the end of this long distance drive makes it all worth while.  Two skinny arms, a head full of strawberry hair pressed into my tummy and a small voice that mumbles “I love you, Aunt Brooke.” 

OK – hop in that shower, get on those clothes, pack up that car and pick up that lady I call Mom.  We need to get on the road.  I have some kiddos to play with.


~ by shutterboo on October 4, 2009.

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