Changing Colors = Changing Decorations

I’m not very Suzy Homemaker.  Meaning that my cooking skills are fair, I hate cleaning my house and I’m not very good at decorating.  Actually, I kind of stink at decorating.  I don’t have the “eye” for it and can never make up my mind so my furniture and stuff is kind of ho-hum.  I like it, it’s just doesn’t have any kind of wow-factor.  I’m OK with that.  But when fall rolls around, I pull out my little decorations bin and dust off [the incredibly thick layer of drywall dust that is still on everything in the basement] my little decorations and put each one in the spot it will be for the season.  I feel like my house is ready for autumn – even if mother nature isn’t.

There’s something about artificial leaves of red and orange that just make everything cozier, no?  It’s like the fall decorations are a lead-in to the Christmas decorations (we just have to forget that winter comes with it too).  I love this feeling and I can’t quite put my finger on what to call it.

The Halloween basket is already out, filled with treats.  The hubs says I get bad candy every year but there’s reasoning behind it.  Halloween is for kids and we pass out candy to trick-or-treaters.  If I got the good stuff, I would have to stand by the basket and swat his hand every time he reached for something.  Since Halloween is a month away though, Starbursts and Skittles are hanging out for a while.  These Skittles are fantabulous, by the way.  Two flavors or something like that.  Fantabulous, I say.

Fall Is Here

I found these little paper pumpkins a couple years ago and put them in place of my potpourri.  I really hope Chevy keeps her nose out of them this year.  She thinks if her head can reach it, it should be in her mouth.  Like the kleenex and the lint roller sheet I pulled from her mouth yesterday.  I’m glad we learned the “drop it” hand signal because it’s handy in these situations too, not just frisbee.

Fall Is Here

I’m a wreath person.  It makes feel like an old lady sometimes but I really like having a wreath on the front door.  I have a pretty eucalyptus wreath that hangs (and stinks) on the door most of the year and it only gets changed out in the fall and winter.  I need a new all-year wreath.  The eucalyptus gives us both headaches and puts an icky leaf oil on the storm door.  Icky leaf oil = more cleaning = not a happy boo.  The colors of this wreath make up for the stinky one though.

Fall Is Here

This centerpiece makes me happy.  The shape, the gourds, the colors… happy.  It could also be that I got it for cheap, end of the season, a steal-it-off-the-shelf-why-don’t-ya price.  Thriftiness pays, my friends.  And it makes me happy.

Fall Is Here

Fall Is Here

Does anyone else out there prefer to burn tarts rather than candles?  I still have a few candles but they seem kind of wasteful.  You buy yourself a nice big jar, burn it down to a muck and then have to throw the whole thing out.  But with tarts, you buy yourself a pretty little burner, stock up on tarts when they’re $1 each and pop in a 10 cent tealight.  You toss the plastic wrapper on the tart, a puddle of [frozen] wax and a small tin where the tealight was.  A lot less waste.  And you don’t have that candle burning smell either.

I love my little pumpkin tart burner.  He’s cute.  Super cute.  And his mini-pumpkin friends hang out with him.  Yankee Candle helps me make my house smell less like dog and more like home.  Thank you frosted pumpkin tart for making it smell yummy too.  Heart you.

Fall Is Here

Fall Is Here

I have a secret.  I don’t know if the neighbors know or not, but I my fall mums are artificial.  *gasp*  They look real from the sidewalk so why not?  And the best thing about them is that you don’t need to bother watering.  And they keep their color all fall.  Sweet, huh?

Fall Is Here

I haven’t stuck them in the planters yet.  Because my summer flowers are still alive.  And are actually budding thanks to all this rain we’re having this week.  And I can’t bear to rip up thriving plants with flowers to squeeze artificial ones in its place.  That seems wrong.  But once these bad dogs die, the mums are going in.

Fall Is Here

Chevy and Chase – nosey doggins.  Chase (she’s the shorter one) has that look that says “Food Lady, what are you doing out there without me?  We check the mail together, remember?  What’s wrong with you?  Open this door.”  While Chevy, with her deep, slow, nonexistent voice says “Huh?  The door’s open.  Oh my gosh, was that a leaf?  I want that leaf.  Oh my gosh, was that a car?  I want that car.  Oh my gosh, did you hear that?  Tell me you heard that.”

Fall Is Here

I love hearing Chevy say “Did you hear that?”  Because she’s the BDD, the big deaf dog.  Oh, how I can amuse myself for hours at a time.


~ by shutterboo on September 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Changing Colors = Changing Decorations”

  1. I just bought myself a tart burner! I haven’t tried it out yet, but you’re right, there seems to be a lot less waste with it. Plus, on mine the flame is hidden so curious kitties won’t be as curious about it (or at least, that’s the hope).

    Love the pic of the dogs!

  2. I personally think your fall decor is perfect! And I especially love the pictures of your doggies!

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