Somnolent Sundays

I don’t do much on Sundays.  I like it that way.  Sleep in as long as the doggins will allow, lounge in PJs all day, catch up on my DVRed shows… sublime.  I do spend a part of my day in front of my computer, sorting through the pictures I took on Friday and Saturday.  Sorting sucks.  But sharing is great.  It makes sorting through hundreds of photos worth while.

On Friday, a co-worker who no one had seen for four weeks stopped by.  With her new bundle of joy, Baby K.  The photog posse was there in full force, snapping away.  As my pal Kelly would say, we had them “covered from every angle.”  And rightfully so because this baby is so adorable, has more hair than David Bowie in Labyrinth and this was the first time many of us met her.  Baby K is perfect.  So we do what all people do with new babies: we passed the her around and oohed and ahhed. 

What is it about holding a baby that just makes you smile? 

 Baby K

Baby K

Baby K

Baby K

I’m not a baby fan; they kind of scare me and I find them extremely overwhelming, but I couldn’t even hold back my smile.  We’re all so happy for our friend and her family. 

We can’t wait for our co-worker to be back in the office – hopefully Baby K will join her a few days so that we can meet the baby quota for the year.


~ by shutterboo on September 20, 2009.

One Response to “Somnolent Sundays”

  1. It’s so true. A co-worker of mine just adopted a baby boy and brought him in last week. Everyone smiled the entire time. Oh and my sister turned the baby’s hair into a mohawk.

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