Mini Walk About

At lunch yesterday, I hit the pavement in downtown Louisville with two of my co-workers, all three of us wielding our dSLRs.  I often go for walks by myself, wherever I please, taking pictures of whatever I want but being with people makes it better.  Much better.  Much more fun.  Because you have someone besides yourself to talk to.  You don’t look [as] crazy.  And I don’t exactly know how, but I sense that I feed off their creativity.

This slim jim is AmyHasBangs.  She’s playing along in the weekly challenge so you’ll have to check out her flickr page. You’ll also see more than her shadow tomorrow because she modeled for me for “red.”  I’m stoked about this, internet.

Out&About @ Lunch

These painted pigs belong to my PodMate who is Almost Crafty.  She too is playing in the weekly challenge.  As well as 365 days of self-portraits [which seems like a horrible idea but she’s so good at it].  PodMate has a full throttle flickr page.  You should totally check out her knitting too – so many cute creations.

Out&About @ Lunch

And here’s yours truly.  Won’t be wearing flip-flops for too much longer.  Boo.

Out&About @ Lunch

We all work in advertising yet none of us are creatives.  So we get out and flex our creative muscles with our cameras.  I wonder what the creative folk do during lunch?  Maybe they do the opposite like us and play in excel spreadsheets for shats and giggles.  No, that would be just weird.

Out&About @ Lunch

So we’re out on our mini walk about.  I say “mini” because we were only gone for about 40 minutes and 3 blocks away.  I’ve been on this route many times.  Many many times.  Being with pals made me try new things.  The Old Spaghetti Factory proved to have some potential.

Out&About @ Lunch

And the sun – oh the sweet light.  For some reason unknown to me, I keep shooting into the sun.  And I love it.  Give me more.

Out&About @ Lunch

Come winter time, I’m going to have to figure out how to set my camera for overcasted skies again.  I’m betting it takes 2,000 photos for me to figure it out.  That sounds about right.


~ by shutterboo on September 15, 2009.

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