How Is Monday Already Here?

I have zero pictures for today.  I was so darn excited about Bacon Day, I posted them all yesterday.  I have a weakness, I suppose.  So you have to scroll down for viewing pleasure.

There’s really only two things I’d like to mention this morning:

1.  I did not watch the VMAs but have seen the Kanye West outburst several times already this morning thanks to the morning news.  The man has to be an only-child.  OK, Google confirmed, he is.  My advice?  Grow up.  Kanye didn’t get his way and instead of letting that Swift girl feel special for 30 seconds, he slams her by screaming that Bootilicious should have won.  Yep, only-child.  And I hope Booti is embarrassed too.  It’s nice to have friends stick up for you but dude, that wasn’t cool.

2.  Fantasy Football.  This is my first year playing.  The hubs has played for years and we’re both in a friendly league with pals.  This tells me that some of the wives wanted to play but the husbands did not feel like a) competing against them in fear of losing to their better half and/or b) putting another $10/$20/$40/$50 on the betting line that may be lost.  But whatevs, I’m just happy I get to learn and have fun with it.  No, that’s not right; TRY to have fun with it.  Try try try.

Ladies and gentlemen, I suck at fantasy football.  The Bacon Raiders are dead last and Team Kevi has rubbed my facemask in the turf and left the stadium.  I have four players playing tonight but I have a feeling my 47 points aren’t going to surpass Kevi’s 157 points.  Damn you Kevi for being so darn good, damn you Jamal Lewis for not pulling your weight and damn you Jeremy Shockey for getting 19 points while on the bench.  I’m totally blaming this loss on the fact that I was last pick in the draft.

Happy Monday, internet.


~ by shutterboo on September 14, 2009.

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