DHTB: Part Three

This post was posted for no other reason than to make you jealous.  Yes, you heard right, another completely selfish post. 

Today was Bacon Day.  One pound of bacon, two meals, three dishes.  Nom.  Before, I said we’d eat at 5:30.  I lied.  Because we couldn’t wait until 5:30.  The grill was warming up at 4:45.  And I was happy.

I figured since I spent a couple hours actually cooking, I’d show you the outcome.  So internet, feast your eyes on the deliciousness that was born from my kitchen:

Figure 1. Loaded Potato Salad (contains bacon bits).  Could also be considered food of the gods.  It’s that good.

It's Bacon Day

Figure 2. Crockpot Green Beans (contains bacon renderings).  My kitchen smells like a country kitchen now.  I want to capture the smell in bottle and spray it all around when people visit.

It's Bacon Day

Figure 3. Mesquite Grilled Chicken (doesn’t contain bacon).  It’s amazing what a little marinating can do.  Because these tasted super yummy.  This will be tomorrow’s lunch.

It's Bacon Day

Figure 4. Crescent Rolls (no bacon here either).  Thank you Pillsbury.  I’m not exactly sure how they get so much happiness in a can but they sure are good at it.

It's Bacon Day

I have no room for dessert.  None.  I do believe a nice bowl of icecream will be sitting in front of me later this evening.  Icecream makes football better.  If haven’t tried it, you should.  But I’m stuffed to the gills.  And it feels so good.


~ by shutterboo on September 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “DHTB: Part Three”

  1. Om nom. Nom nom nomnomnom.

  2. it’s too early in the morning to want food like this, but of course, I do. The loaded potato salad looks amazing.

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