Btown And Back: A Days Journey

Yesterday (Tuesday), I had to drive to Bloomington for work – my company is headquartered there and my team (most of whom live in Btown) was having a face-to-face meeting with my client.  To make the trip more enjoyable (not that client meetings aren’t  a grand time… because they are), I thought I’d take pictures with my p&s on the way there and back.  Which turned out to be a fun idea considering the construction was horrible.  I don’t know what it is about summer and Indiana, but those dang orange barrels and 45 MPH signs are everywhere!  Only they have these little flashy things on every surface now.  It’s like bringing the carnival to the interstate.

Bright and early, I set off across the Kennedy bridge for what should have been a fairly simple 2 hour drive.  Pah!  Should is the key word.  But the light was nice.

Btown & Back

Even though it’s hard to make out, this is my favorite sight on I-65.  It’s a horse farm and its red barns are so pristine and inviting.  I want to take pictures there.  Maybe I can negotiate…

Btown & Back Btown & Back

Unfortunately, there is no direct route to Btown, so I had to follow this lovely 2-lane highway for quite awhile.  Which isn’t bad unless you get stuck behind a semi-truck going up the hill.  Then it sucks.

Btown & Back

And I get to see a lot of these.  I was in Indiana.  That’s what they have in Indiana.

For you city folk, we call that corn.

Btown & Back

I had to drive through Gnaw Bone (all of 3 minutes).  Gnaw Bone.  I giggle every time.  You say it a few times.  It’s fun.

And then I got to my destination.  I visited with my Hoosier co-workers [that were disappointed that I didn’t bring bourbon balls] and prepared for my meeting.  We met, all was merry, I did my follow-ups and then I packed up my desk to return home.  Little did I know it would take 3 hours.  Too bad I don’t get to take on some extra $$ to add to that mileage.  Hmm… so… Marie… how’s it going?  You having a good day? 🙂

After driving down the huge hill of IN-46, I had to wait at a stop light for 20 minutes.  It felt like 100 minutes.  Talk about uber-boring.  So I pulled out the camera and played with the macro settings in the car.  I really like the macro on this little doodad – it does pretty well for being a p&s.

Btown & Back

Btown & Back

Btown & Back

The driving part of the trip was not fun.  At all.  At least I didn’t get carsick this time.

But you know what’s great about leaving town for the day?

Btown & Back

Coming home.

Btown & Back


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