Camera Bags Are Like Purses, Right?

I’ve always been content with the brand of camera and lenses I own [which are all Canon].  And I’ve always been content with my Rebel XT with 8 mega-pixels – I’ve never felt compelled to look at another dSLR because my camera packs enough punch for me.  And as tempting as owning different types of lenses can be, I tell myself to look at the price tag before I play with any (and remind myself how frustrated I was with the 50mm at first).  That usually does the trick of not looking at the lenses any more.  But the one thing I can’t stop looking at are the accessories; more specifically, camera bags.  I’m such a girl.

I have three camera bags.  One the hubs picked out when he got me my awesome present – but ladies, let’s be honest here, how many of you would let your husband pick out your handbag?  Precisely.  It serves it’s function but it’s uncomfortable and is too “camera baggish” for me.  I can’t blame the hubs – he’s a guy and never really carries a bag.  But I’m a gal and I carry one everyday and I like the idea of being able to squeeze my wallet in my camera bag so that I don’t have to worry about a purse too.  The Pod-Mate and I have this discussion all of the time.

So when we were heading to Germany to visit eMohn and sheMohn (haha!), I got myself a Tamrac Adventure 6 backpack.  I didn’t know where we’d be visiting so I wanted all of my camera stuffs with me and the backpack was comfortable to wear all day.  And the top of it was perfect for my wallet, passport and sunglasses.  It’s perfect.  But then again it’s not.

Tamrac Backpack

Because it holds everything and gets rather heavy, the idea of taking it on short day trips (like the Zoo and the Fair) where I know I’ll need only my kit and 50mm and a few other [small] things, the backpack becomes cumbersome and a chore to carry.  But I don’t like carrying the camera by itself; it needs some protection if I’m taking a break because I’d be the one to knock it into something or spill soda on it.

Tamrac Backpack

My pal, Mrs. Rev, was kind enough to let me borrow her camera bag for my day at the Fair.  I’d been pricing out this brand and tried to view them at our local camera shop, but no one carried the one I wanted.  So I got to try it on for size for the day.  And after two hours of wearing it, I realized I wanted one super bad.  The next day, I took a hammer to my piggy bank to gather up my allowance and purchased myself a new camera bag.  A Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home, to be exact.

Crumpler Cross-body Bag

My bag is a little different from Mrs. Rev’s but it’s the perfect size.  It holds my camera with either the kit or 50mm attached and the other lens.  And there’s a velcro-ed pocket in the front to slip in my wallet stuffs.  And there’s a nice little netted top that I can slip more stuff into like my eye drops, chapstick, floss and my Tide To Go stain stick – never leave home without it!

Crumpler Cross-body Bag

My favorite thing about the Crumpler bag is that it doesn’t look like a camera bag.  It looks like a little messenger bag which is quite useful because as Mrs. Rev says “…it’s about the size of a purse and doesn’t scream come steal my expensive ass camera!… you know.”  Yeah, I know.  And I really like it.

Crumpler Cross-body Bag

Which has made me decide that camera bags are like purses.  When I tote the kahuna, I don’t carry a purse.  And when I carry a purse, I don’t tote the kahuna.  Usually.  Unless I’m going to work and only need the camera for an hour during my walk.  Yeah.  Even so, why not have a few bags to choose from?  The Crumpler will likely be my “go to” bag.  I’ll definitely still use the backpack for trips when I don’t know what all I’ll need until I’m there (plan to do so this weekend, actually).  And my little black retangular camera bag the hubs picked out houses my extra camera stuffs like cleaners and those padded velcro-thingys that fit inside the bags.  See, they’re all being used.  Which says a lot more than the purses I own.

Side note: For those of you who also enjoy accessories like me and are looking for a comfortable yet stylish neckstrap, check out Trendy Camera Straps – they all have neoprene padding at the back of the neck which makes wearing your camera much more comfortable.  I have the tan scroll – it’s very cute and very comfy.

*UPDATE* I did some homework and found a list of websites that sell camera bags that look more like purses.  To check it out, click on What Women Want: Camera Purses.

*UPDATE*  If you’re truly looking for a camera bag that looks like a purse, check out Courtney Reece’s post on her new Kelly Moore bag.  It’s very cute and very functional.


~ by shutterboo on August 31, 2009.

9 Responses to “Camera Bags Are Like Purses, Right?”

  1. This is the camera bag I am buying next….

  2. I saw a friend of mine over the weekend with the 5 Million Dollar home, and I was all “WAAANT.” I inherited my Rebel from The Boy when he bought the 5D last year and, yeah… the bag I’ve got for it is a total boy bag. I’ll be getting a new one soon, because those crumpler bags look just like the cute little utilitarian purses that you can buy at REI.

  3. OK, so I totally want one of these bags – I’ve been eyeing them for awhile, but actually seeing one in person has convinced me. I swear I’m not trying to be a shutterboo clone! Really! I promise!

  4. I have that same Tamrac- used it for my trip to Kauai last week and it worked great! It DOES get heavy tho. The Crumplers are TO DIE FOR! Drool… yours is pretty!

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  6. Hi… I see your camera bag. It is really wonderful. It is very nice.It is very useful to photographer. thank you…

  7. If you’re looking for something more feminine check out

  8. […] the posts I’ve written, the one that gets the most hits [almost daily] is when I talked about my new Crumpler camera bag.  Apparently there are a lot of people in search of finding more trendy camera bags.  And they […]

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