Just Me & Chevy

The hubs is down for the count this morning – apparently absinthe wasn’t as good as an idea as he thought.  I think he really just wanted to relive the trip to Germany we took last fall.  And now he is dreaming about said trip.  And Chase is his body guard.  That dog will spend all day in bed with him.  So it’s just me and Chevy.

Chevy in the Sun 1

The weather is absolutely wonderful today; sunny with a crisp in the air.  Chevy is dying to be outside but it’s Sunday… and I spend most of my Sundays in my PJs.  That’s how I roll.  And I don’t think my neighbors like seeing me in my PJs.  But Chevy doesn’t stop taking advantage of that sunshine as she’s found a tiny little bit of light shining through the window. 

Chevy in the Sun 2

Chevy is the BDD (big deaf dog) and even though she can’t hear, she can still talk.  Well, I talk for her in a deep voice.  And she says stuff like “Food Lady, what you be doin’?”

Chevy in the Sun 3

Actually, she could care less what I was doing.  That is unless I was opening the door or had food in my hand.  Chevy’s my cooking buddy – always has her head propped up between me and the counter just in case anything slips her way.  She’s my shadow.

Chevy in the Sun 4

Which is why she’s with me and not with the hubs who is sleeping like the dead.  So we were in the kitchen drinking our morning coffee, she was sunbathing, I was carrying on a conversation with her and decided to grab the camera. 

Chevy in the Sun 5

Getting on the floor with her threw her for a loop.  “Food Lady, you playin’ wit me?”  Nope.  Just admiring your spotted feet.  I love her spots.  And the funny thing is that they keep changing.  Especially on her feet.  I have no idea why or how, I just live here.


~ by shutterboo on August 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Just Me & Chevy”

  1. Very sweet

  2. Love it! Love every one of ’em. Molly won’t lay still when I’ve got the camera in hand. I guess she’s a bit gunshy around it.

  3. I think I’m in love. Chevy is fantastic! And my dog Justice has the most fabulous spots everywhere. To match his pink tummy. It melts my cold heart. Oh and these pictures are fabulous.

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