A Photographer’s Rights

One thing my big brother (Happy Birthday to you!) is good for is finding stuff of the internet that I wouldn’t even think of searching for.  Well, he’s good for other things like making fun of DAd, telling funny stories about his kids and correcting me when I misuse/misspell a word.

But a week or so ago he sent me several links that discuss a photographer’s rights.  I perused the documents and just reading them freaked me out.  I hadn’t even thought of being detained for taking a picture.  But I’m sure it happens.  To people who aren’t me.  Because I’m a wuss and would cry “Just take the damn camera!”  And then I’d be sad because I’d be camera-free.  And then I’d be hella mad at myself and would probably sob until my face swelled to twice its normal size.  That would suck.  But this isn’t going to happen because I’m aware of my rights as a photographer.

Anyway, the brother found this photographer’s rights document that I found to be the most convenient for me – it’s precise, to the point and small enough to print out and fold into my camera bag.  Which the brother also suggested I do.  I guess as you do get older, you get wiser.  Whodathunk.

I included all of the docs the brother sent over at the bottom.  Check them out, read them over, they’ll be helpful if you’re ever approached by a tyrant parent whose pissed at you for taking pictures of their kid because he was super cute, not because you’re a pedophile.  You can just pull out your handy little “rights” paper and politely point out you’re in a public place and it’s legal.  Suck it.

The Photographer’s Rights

Misinformation About Your Photography Rights

Legal Handbook for Photographers


~ by shutterboo on August 28, 2009.

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