My Friday Is A Fairday

The Kentucky State Fair kicked off yesterday.  And today I will be spending ALL DAY at the fairgrounds to take in the exhibits, search the flea market for treasures, check out the bourbon ball competition, talk to Freddy the Farmer, pet some farm animals, eat a pork sandwich and some fried dessert and finally when the sun goes down, partake in some adult beverages and live music in the biergarten. 

Oh how I love the State Fair.  I really do.  It’s all so facinating.  There are hundreds of competitions from quilting to livestock to gardening to cooking to ugly lamps.  And there are so many people – this place packs out everyday and people watching is a hobby of mine.  Oh the people watching… did you know I saw Denny Crane at the fair 2 years ago?  Apparently he has prancing ponies in one of the horse shows.  Who knew.  But getting to hang with my besties (because we do the fair every year) makes it that much better. 

I’ll be toting my kahuna kamera to not only find my photo for this weeks challenge, but to also shoot in every kind of light condition imaginable, experiment with shutter speeds with on the carnival rides and see if I can catch Miss Abs  doing something utterly ridiculous to post on the interweb.  And I hope to get some awesome shots so I’ll have to take at least 1,439 pictures.  Abs, I give you permission to walk ahead of me but do not leave me behind or lose me – because I will go to the Lost Parents booth and have them page you.


~ by shutterboo on August 21, 2009.

One Response to “My Friday Is A Fairday”

  1. It has been, probably, 10 years since I have been to the fair.

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