School Daze Begins

You can definitely tell that public school has started around here.

Waterfront Fountain

The roads are WAY busier in the mornings.  The buses are a dead give away.

Waterfront Fountain

The parking garage I utilize has been filling up faster in the morning.  No more vacations for the parents until Labor Day.  Or Thanksgiving.

Waterfront Fountain

My teacher friends have already began complaining about their jobs on Facebook.

My mommy friends have been rejoicing about their freedom on Facebook.

Waterfront Fountain

And this fountain is empty.

Waterfront Fountain

There have been kiddos playing here everyday, even on the hottest of hot days, the humid-est of humid days.  And now they’re back in air conditioned prisons.  I wanted so badly to snap some pictures of the kids at the fountain – they were happy, they were playing and their summer garb was always bright and colorful.

But I have a fear of being approached by strangers.  More specifically, parents.

And then them beating the crap out of me with my Canon.


~ by shutterboo on August 14, 2009.

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