Holy Eff, Is This A Joke?

So I log onto WordPress yesterday before I get out of dodge leave the office and WHAM! I see my doggin, Chase, staring at me. It doesn’t take but a ½ second for me to yell “Pod-mate!  Come hither!”  And she confirmed my disbelief.  I don’t know how and I absolutely have no idea why, but my 50mm post was highlighted on the home page.  And my mind is completely, utterly boggled.

Holy Eff!

Holy Eff!

Yes, I took a picture of it.  How else was I going to get my family to believe me.

Don’t judge me.

Why was my mind boggled, you ask?  Because I’ve only been blogging since July 28th.  As in 2009.  As in 17 days! Seriously, folks.  I kid you not, internet.  I feel as if I should cut them a check or promise them my first born child or something incredibly ridiculous as this.  I definitely need to write an ode to my Pod-mate for showing me her Jedi-mind tricks of blogging.  ♥I heart you, Pod-mate.♥

It has been surreal watching the blog-o-meter creep higher and higher – and I know this will NEVER happen again.  It just can’t.  I’m an unimportant person who started this selfishly [17 days ago] because I hated posting pictures on 5 different websites to share with friends and family.  But as wigged out as I’ve been, I have to admit that you guys that left comments, The Commenters, have some pretty kick ass blogs.  And so many of you have beautiful photographs I’m completely envious of.  I haven’t been wielding my dSLR for very long and just I happen to get lucky – that’s why I take 956 shots every time I turn the camera on… so I have at least 1 good photo.  I may have to expand my Blogo Rollo to share your kick assedness with the folks who visit shutterboo the most (aka: my friends who live within 25 miles of my house).

I appreciate everyone for stopping by and looking around.  Please feel free to visit any time as we’re open 24/7 via the interweb.  Just don’t be disappointed if my photos are lame that day.  Thank you, internet, and have a nice day.


~ by shutterboo on August 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “Holy Eff, Is This A Joke?”

  1. Congrats! Nice to be recognized (just tell yourself it wasn’t blind, random chance). I checked out your “I Heart MY 50mm” because of WordPress. I’m a first time blogger myself who loves taking pictures as a hobby. Keep up the great work and Keep taking those pictures!

  2. Hello! I think you deserve it because your photos are AWESOME. It doesn’t matter that you take 400 of them – it matters that you get (and find!) the One.

  3. Hey, saw your blog through the 50mm link on wordpress home page. I too have been blogging since July 29th. So in a way we have the same birthday. Although it seems that you are the more advanced and developed one. Great pictures! Keep on clicking away! Maybe I should take pics and put them on my blog that are more classier than a womans smily-faced underwear showing through her dress. Congrats on your quick success! You deserve it!

  4. Congratulations! I took a look through your photos after seeing this and thoroughly enjoyed your appreciation for the “mundane”. I think just as entertaining and insightful as your photos are your comments :0)

  5. Heh heh- it’s totally weird when you see your hits climb “for no reason” then you figure it out!! And to be spotlighted on the login page- COOL! Your blog, as new as it is, is pretty durn funny. I can totally relate to the previous post too, afraid of “the parents”. If you offer to email them the pics, they might not break your camera… 😀

  6. You have every right to be excited! I would be too! And you have a fabulous blog and your photos are beautiful. 17 days in, huh? I’m jealous! 🙂

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