The Pod-Mate Returns!

Let me first explain the term”pod” as it always throws people off.  Think of a cubicle… only round. 

Pods esta en el trabajo

We have these big circular work spaces and each person lives works in ¼ of the circle.  And we call them pods.  (I would have shown you my quarter but I don’t want to embarrass my parents via interweb.)

So yes, my pod-mate returned this week!  She was vacationing on the east coast with family all last week while things were out of sorts around here (with the BossLady abandoning us and all).  But now she’s back.  And she came bearing gifts!  She brought salt water taffy for us office dwellers.  And it is so good.

Salt Water Taffy

The taffy came in the cutest boxes.  This one features light houses of North Carolina.  And there’s even little snippets on the back about each one.  I ignored the side with the nutrition facts.  No need to get upset over spilled taffy.

Salt Water Taffy

Dear Pod-mate,
You were missed.  But I love the taffy.  And so does everyone else.  If it takes you leaving us for a few days to win some candy, by all means.  Scratch that – I take it all back.  We can just walk to Muth’s instead.
Your Friend,


~ by shutterboo on August 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Pod-Mate Returns!”

  1. Awww… understood. And I’m always up for a walk to Muth’s to get some of their modjeskas – yum!

  2. Pod? I feel disappointed! I pictured something that you’d be able to jettison away if necessary…Is there a secret roof or enclosure I’m missing?

  3. I missed taffy?!?!?!?

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