When In Bourbon Country…

I am not a very good cook.  I am fair at baking.  I can hold my own at candy making.  But my bourbon balls?  Nothing comes close to the divine mastery of creating these yummy chocolate-covered pieces of heaven.

Make Me Bourbon Balls

Some people say it’s the chocolate that makes a good bourbon ball.  I disagree.  Others say it’s the bourbon that makes a good bourbon ball.  Maybe; it’s more likely how potent the bourbon is that determines the taste.  I say it’s the candy maker that makes a good bourbon ball.  If you personally know that someone took the time to concoct the sugary goodness, it automatically tastes better. 

Make Me Bourbon Balls

My mom took the time to show me how make these bad dogs a few years ago.  And since then, I’ve made so many batches I can do it in my sleep.  And I’ve made a lot of friends at work by sharing.  So when they say “Mmm, this is good”  what they really is mean “OMG, I heart Brooke’s mom!!!”  I heart you too, mom.

Make Me Bourbon Balls

The plan was to enter some bourbon balls in the Kentucky State Fair this year.  Instead, I’ll be checking out the competition before I take the time to make a buttload of these candies.  The men at work told me that I have “blue ribbon bourbon balls.”  And they are tasty.  But I’m pretty sure the guys just like saying the words “blue” and “balls” in the same sentence.  Why else would they snicker afterwards? 😉

  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 ½ boxes of confectioner sugar
  • ½ cup of bourbon (I use Heaven Hill green label – 90 proof & cheap!)
  • pecans pieces
  • chocolate (Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips do the job nicely)
Let pecan pieces soak in bourbon while creaming the butter and sugar. 
Then mix in the bourbon/pecan mixture thoroughly. 
Form into bite-size balls.  – You may have to refrigerate the mixture so that it doesn’t stick and will form more easily. –  
Refrigerate balls (they get gooey if left in room temp).  
Melt chocolate and a little paraffin wax. 
Dip balls in chocolate, return to wax paper and top with pecan half. 
Consume and allow your taste buds to do the happy dance. 

~ by shutterboo on August 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “When In Bourbon Country…”

  1. I can also attest to the deliciousness of these candies. In fact, the five that Brooke gifted us, let’s just say that not that many are left in the fridge. Fantabulous.

  2. I thought you might like a little surprise. 🙂

  3. You should enter your candy in the fair. If you do not win at least you can get a ton of free tickets!

  4. […] DAY at the fairgrounds to take in the exhibits, search the flea market for treasures, check out the bourbon ball competition, talk to Freddy the Farmer, pet some farm animals, eat a pork sandwich and some fried […]

  5. […] we got fast, friendly and fun with dinner?  Because I was the teacher this night.  I showed Mel how to make Bourbon Balls.  They are not hard to make, just time consuming.  So we mixed them and put them in the fridge.  […]

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