River City is an Under[water]statement

So anyone who has a TV or the Internet probably saw on the news that the weather turned very sour in the Louisville area around 9am yesterday morning.  We had a torrential rainstorm, lightening flashing everywhere, 4″ in 1 hour, 6″ in 1½ hours…all that rain and nowhere to go except down roads to wash away cars.  Here’s an iWitness account from Weather.com:


I missed it.  I was at work before it rained and when I left for home, much of the water had receded.  Luckily, our house and yard were not affected but natural disasters don’t sit well with me.  Louisville experienced an earthquake April 2008, faced a hurricane-force windstorm September 2008, dealt with an ice storm January 2009 and now we can top the list with flash flooding August 2009.

What is up, Mother Nature?!?!


~ by shutterboo on August 5, 2009.

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