A Different Kind of Dungeon

I’m a self-confessed dork.  I enjoyed school, I never was one of the popular kids, I did things like NHC and Newspaper.  I wore glasses for what seemed like forever and didn’t even tryto get my driver’s license until I was almost 18.  I may not be an uber-dork (that’s what I tell myself) but of the nerd-breed for certain.  But I witnessed something entirely new, beyond my dorkdom being, just this weekend.  Yes indeed: D&D.


I watched people play Dungeons & Dragons, a fantasy role playing game.  Being a fan of JRR Tolkien books and a few science fiction movies here and there, I thought I would get it.  I thought wrong.  Did you know there are something like 873 species that stand on 2 legs and wield a sword?


And while I spent most of the evening confused, I was also interested.  I mean, something like 20 million people play D&D – that’s a heckuva lot of people!  But I digress, D&D is not for me.  Sorry dudes.


But Rev was not afraid to get his feet wet – or shall we say, Dr. BadAss.  Dr. BadAss had the biggest curiousity so he hosted D&D and invited co-workers that are long-time players.  Me and the hubs came for the food (loved the potato casserole, Mrs. Rev) and hopefully what would be entertainment.


D&D entertaining?  Sure!  These guys may be fans of a game most are too self-conscience to play and may be computer programming nerds but they are actually very funny and did not hold back on making fun of each other.  My kind of people.  And the fact that Dr. BadAss and Shakira were part of this mercenary company, made for some interesting conversation.


It was funny just hearing Rev refer to his character in 3rd-person all night: 
“Would you rather Dr. BadAss be BadAss MD?”
“Dr. BadAss misunderstood that.”
“Dr. BadAss doesn’t have to tell how many beers he had.  It’s none of Shakira’s business.” 
“Dr. BadAss always wins.”


I could only manage to stick out one game – one room of one dungeon – but it was neat to learn more about D&D.  And though I did not hit anything “with my dragon born fury,” we still had a fun night and definitely had some good laughs.


~ by shutterboo on August 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Different Kind of Dungeon”

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