Henry’s Ark

If you haven’t been, you should go.  A small petting zoo off US42 in Prospect, KY, Henry’s Ark is home to many rescued animals. 

Henry's Ark: The View

Though Henry has a slew of geese and goats, his farm is inhabited by some exotic beasts including water buffalo, camels and even zebras. 

Henry's Ark: Zebra

Our first visit was this weekend and I believe the hubs and I will stop in again because feeding carrots and petting the noses of these critters was a good time. 

Henry's Ark: Goat

And free – but don’t go empty handed because Henry’s Ark survives on the donations of it’s visitors.  And the critters will ignore you if you show with no orange sticks. 

The hubs had no trouble befriending a sheep. 

Henry's Ark: Sheep

He refused to take the carrot from Mike’s hand because he wanted the whole bag of orange sticks.  Greedy sheep.

Henry's Ark: Sheep

I didn’t expect to see wandering emus and they had no problem stalking people.  Large dinosaur-birds with creepy eyes and even creepier ear-holes.

Henry's Ark: Emu

Tthe peacocks were very pretty.  And this guy here even ruffled his feathers; no photos of that because the kiddos thought it was cool that he was “shaking his booty” at them and I was eventually pushed out.  It was quite the spectacle.

Henry's Ark: Peacock

The highlight for me were the zebras and donkeys; both fans of carrots and both had the softest noses.  I could have taken this fella home with me as long as I wouldn’t have to poop-scoop the backyard.  Don’t think Chevy and Chase would be big fans but we’d work it out.

Henry's Ark: Donkey

Henry’s Ark
7801 Rose Island Rd
Prospect, KY
Tuesday-Sunday 10a-6p

~ by shutterboo on August 3, 2009.

One Response to “Henry’s Ark”

  1. I passed this place on my way home yesterday (trying to avoid traffic by taking the back roads!) I bet you had a great time, we will have to go with you all some time. Looks like fun. Ryan, I am sure, would love it!

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