Can We Even Call It a Dungeon Now?

So the hubs got the bug and was making headway with the rathskeller makeover.  Keep in mind that everything on this post happened within 2 days. 

The hubs asked me to help him relocate the ginormous pile of drywall to another “room” in the basement.  I said I’d help but I didn’t really want to; I’d already failed helping him get a piece on the drywall lift.  But when I walked downstairs, I saw the drywall fairies visited and not only moved the entire stack but put up the few remaining pieces on the wall!  No more concrete and studs but now A Room.


I’d like to confess that while I dreaded moving drywall, I did help mud.  I didn’t do a fantastic job and it felt as though my left arm would grow freakishly large like Popeye’s after holding the heavy mud-pan, but I helped. 

Mike had to play with his new prized possession (for the moment) after completing the walls: a projector.


I was hesitant (like I am with all of the Great Ideas the man comes up with) but I was pleasantly surprised when we turned it on because it looked like this:


This wall is not painted and it looked glorious.  Planet Earth on BluRay looks glorious everywhere but seeing it in 106″ was like being in a dream.  And then I prayed: Dear God, it’s me, Brooke.  Please let UofL have a better football season.  Please?  I promise to put the dishes in the dishwasher everyday if you do this one thing for me.

Over the next couple days, the hubs proceeded to sand every flat surface in The Room and in turn covered every other surface in the basement with drywall dust.  It was icky.  And it didn’t all stay in le caveau.


 The Reverend (affectionately called Rev) came over to do man work and helped the hubs wipe down walls and prime.  And I’m glad Rev did come because he’s a heck of a painter (Mike, not so much…you should have seen his hands) and made it move really fast. 


The only drawback: Rev Radio.  I have Brooke Radio where I sing songs that just pop into my head.  But Rev Radio has songs that you can’t get out of your head.  Like Rock the Boat, Sweet Caroline, Purple Rain.  But when he left, The Room looked like this:



It still needs some TLC and extra mud but we are on our way to having extra partying living space, people.  I’m amazed by the hubs hard work, the Handy He-Man that he is.  So after it dried, we had to test the prized possession again.


Did you hear the angels sing too?  I cannot WAIT to use this bad dog for movie nights, game nights, UFC nights…it’s going to be effing awesome.  So hear me now, Kragthorpe: put out or get out.  For reals.

Update: For those of you who partook in RockBand at our 4th of July party know that Mike has since set up the screen and painted the walls with color.  I refuse to post pictures of that because it’s coming down so that we can finish making the walls look better.  But it served its purpose so that we could completely rock out with plastic wanna-be-instruments.


~ by shutterboo on July 31, 2009.

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