Why a blog? Why now?

To blog or not to blog.  That has been the question.  While I’m intrigued with the idea of putting my thoughts into words and displaying them on the world wide web there’s still something uncomfortable about it.  But I’m putting fear aside.  For now. 

Mike, the hubs, got me the most excellent gift two years ago for Christmas: my Canon RebelXT.  And though photography is challenging, boy is it fun!  I’m just hobbyist, a shutterbug, but when you get one awesome shot you can’t help but stare at it.  But in the digital age we live in, actually printing photos doesn’t happen often so I’m forced to share my photos via interweb.  And therein lies the issue.  I post on Facebook because I have several friends I like to share with.  But then Facebook freaks me out with all of the “we have rights to your photos” verbiage that’s been flying around.  And then I post to Snapfish so that I can e-mail them to non-Facebookers.  Two sites with SEVERAL albums.  And I can’t find crock when sorting through them. 

So a blog seemed logical: one site with my favorite photos and the stories that accompany them.  If my friends or my family want to view them, they’ll check in periodically.  I won’t have to “share” anything because it’s all right here at their fingertips.  And the world wide web’s fingertips.  *shutter*  But this also allows me tap into my unknown writing skills.  This could get interesting… or not. 

We’ll see how this experiment goes.  I’m hoping my hypothesis is correct.  But time will tell.  Let’s just hope that we can put up with me.


~ by shutterboo on July 28, 2009.

One Response to “Why a blog? Why now?”

  1. Keeping it up! Build it (you did) and then will come!

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