What Are You Still Doing Here?!

•July 7, 2010 • 2 Comments

Le blog has moved which means the Weekly Photo Challenge has moved too!  Head on over to the new shutterboo at shutterboo.com and don’t forget to update your RSS feed.  This week’s photo is a cute one too – you don’t want to miss it.

Done Gone Up And Left Ya

•June 28, 2010 • 3 Comments

Folks, shutterboo has moved.  Yep, packed it up and headed over to another fine piece of interweb real estate.  Called “my own site”.  Change is upon us, my friends.

What you need to do is 1) go to shutterboo.com as that’s where I’ll be spending most of my time these days and 2) update your reader with the new RSS-feed.  Go on now, you get on outta here and head on over to the new and improved shutterboo.  I’ll see ya on the other side. 🙂

Getting Closer

•June 25, 2010 • 4 Comments

I’ve began to notice that my 50mm has me trained.  After using that lens for about a year and leaving is slapped on the kahuna 85% of the time, I’ve been whipped into shape and “step away” from subjects I’m photographing.  With the slight zoom and the fact that you have to be about a foot away for AF to work, my feet automatically shuffle backwards.  And now I do this with my other lenses.  It was time to break the habit.

On my lunchtime walk last week my only mission was to lean in and get as close as I could.  Not exactly macro shots but just up-close-and-personal.  A different view for the sake of getting out of a rut.  I didn’t dare stray too far because it’s been hotter than the hinges on hell’s door lately, so you local folk will note I was around Slugger Field.  I’ve photographed everything in the five-block radius of work so this was a chance to try to capture something different.


Statue of Paul Hornung, a Louisville native who played football at Notre Dame in the 1950s.  He went on to be a Green Bay Packer.


Our trash cans.  I happen to like the detail.

And being reminded I’m in Downtown Louisville.


Chain = Do Not Enter


Warehouse loading dock.  Old dirty buildings keep things interesting.

LIly @ Waterfront

And another view of the lily.  I like how the filament follows the color of the flower, changing from red to yellow.

Not Only Am I The President – I’m A Member Too

•June 24, 2010 • 10 Comments

I’m not one to protest.  Or rally.  Or pay much attention to those that do.  But when there is something that just seems unfair, unholy and deeply saddening, I’ll take a stand.  I’ll spread my message.  This gal doesn’t sit idly by and let things that matter to her, personally, pass her by.  No.  I took my stand.  I spread my message.  Propaganda was at work.  And I gathered supporters.

Unfortunately, it did not pay off.  If chaining myself to a tree or sitting in front of a bulldozer would work, I’d do it.  Maybe sitting in front of a Ford Escape might stall the inevitable but it’s out of my hands.  *tear*

Boo Michigan

That’s right.  I’m still anti-Michigan.  As the thought of my pals moving there sends me into a deep depression.  Please tell me you did not expect something serious.  If you did, I’m sorry to disappoint.  But this is personal.  Very, very personal.

I named myself President of the “Michigan Is Lame – No One Wants To Move There” Foundation.  I call it MILNOWTMT (pronounced mill-now-mit) for short.  I made stickers to show my disdain towards this situation… this situation of “moving”.  Others donned my homemade stickers too.  We were rallying alright.

But this weekend, the move is complete.  Thurmeo’s already up north and my Mel is following his tire tracks on Sunday. I’ll probably bug her all damn day with text messages professing my love for her florentine artichoke dip.  Or how many tissues I’ve used to mop up my crocodile tears.  Or interesting facts about the mitten-shaped state.

I’m sad.  I think I have been slightly depressed.  We’re pretty good buddies.  She laughs at all my lame jokes.  (I love that about her.)  But I also know that nothing will change between us.  Our hugs may get a little tighter the next time we see one another but other than that, nil.  I happen to love to be squeezed.  Bring it.

Melanie and Ryan,

I love you both.  You guys have been in my life for quite some time.  And though I don’t want you to go [because I’m extremely selfish and will miss hearing the original “boos”] [and that kitchen], I wish you guys the best of luck in the land of lakes.  I can’t wait until the next time I hear a voice that says “Brooke, you look beautiful tonight.” only so I can reply “It still doesn’t count, Ryan.”  OK.  Enough of that.  I’ll start knitting you a hat.

Love and Hugs,


Week 44: Purple

•June 23, 2010 • 7 Comments

I’m not gonna lie: I slacked this week.  On a color challenge.  Don’t worry – I’m disappointed in myself.  At least I had fun slacking off.  My weekend was filled with spending time with family and I’ve been out and about every night after work.  Sorry excuses but it’s the truth.  Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.

Well… that sounds a bit extreme but you get the drift.  I’ve been busy.

Here is my purple:

Week 44: Purple

Paco to the rescue.  And PodMate as these are from her art supply.  Out of a box 64 crayons, there are six purple crayons.  Seven if you count periwinkle.  Eight including lavender (it looks a bit more pink to moi).  Twelve percent of the crayons are hues of purple.  Seems a bit excessive to me but I dig the names: Plum.  Purple Mountains’ Majesty.  Wisteria.  Orchid.

Have you seen some of the new names of crayons?  There’s a Macaroni and Cheese orange.  Asparagus green.  Tickle Me Pink pink.  Dandelion yellow.  Timberwolf gray.  Wild Strawberry red.  Granny Smith Apple green.  Mauvelous… well, mauve.  I automatically pictured my DAd doing his Billy Crystal impersonation: “It’s mah-velous.  Simply mah-velous!”

There’s already a few purple photos up on the flickr group so go check them out.  Next week’s challenge is “hat”.  I have some ideas so here’s to hoping I have some down time to actually play with the kahuna.

Good luck to the Challengers – only eight more weeks left!